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My love for the breed commenced in 1987 when i purchased Shirvin Young Blood and then a short time later Shirvin Fancy Flight from Vin and Shirley Healamd at Shirvin Kennels. Both of these dogs were shown with much success and that started my love for competing in the show ring.

I bred under the Carinbush prefix for a short time and then started Semajon Kennels a few years later and have been breeding and showing under this prefix since then.

We are not a large kennel only keeping as many animals as we can look after and spend time with. At the present time this is 4 animals but it may increase at times by one or two.

We only breed to improve our stock and we are not afraid to send our bitches outside our kennel or the state to use dogs that suit our girls. We are grateful to Kupala Kennels in Qld for the use of their imported dog Gwynsel Thunderball at Cwmdulais and more recently Kupala Krasharama

We are members of the Bull Terrier Club of Victoria and i am a life member and have been on the committee in one job or another for over 20 years. We encourage new puppy owners to bring their pups out to club events to socialise them and become active within the breed. I enjoy going with newer people to interstate shows to help them meet other breeders and see the amount of dogs there.

Most of our weekends are full with either dog events or other bully owners staying at our home learning and talking about puppies, whelping, mating and all things bully. We encourage this as we feel that it is important to support and encourage new people that have the fire in their bellys about bullies that we have. I feel that it is important to pass on the knowledge that  breeders have about breeding and showing as we are not going to be here forever.



We are careful when placing our pups as we want them to go to forever homes and encourage responsible dog ownership.

Our pups are sold on the main register as this is our personal choice as we like to encourage people to show their dogs ,where possible, or if family pets then to de-sex then to prevent unwanted crossbred puppies.

We do not sell on the limited register or have contracts as we do not believe in them. When we sell our pups they are owned by the purchaser. No breeding rights retained by us to use at a later date but the purchaser owns then outright.


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Alison Sutcliffe
Country Victoria, VIC, Australia
Phone : 0409420386
Email : [email protected]

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