Jacamar Dream Time ROM








Bruce at 3months



Bruce at 6 months.








Jacamar Dream Time ROM wins

BEST IN SHOW at NSW Bull Terrier Show 8/4/2012

Judge Nicco DU Preez Bellators Kennels RSA

1st place -29- Jacamar Dream Time. A very attractive stylish and powerful heavyweight white dog of high quality and type. He has a stunning head – lovely gentle sweeping profile without too much exaggeration but packed with power and lots of fill right to the front of the muzzle without any coarseness. He has a slight mouth fault, just off level bite but he has ample virtue elsewhere to easily carry this minor blemish. Good strong under-jaw and tight lips. Lovely long, strong but elegant neck flowing into a well balanced short compact body with a broad chest giving him a good depth of brisket and tremendous spring of ribcage. He has a lovely fore-chest and big strong bone on a straight front. To be hyper critical, his elbows could be tighter. His overall quality and balance is impressive and rarely seen on such a big dog. His hindquarters are adequate but with lots of quality muscle and short well let down hocks. He carries his tail a bit high in excitement but he is a sound mover all round with pleasing drive and reach. He has lovely outgoing temperament and was well handled. This was the one I would want to take home anytime. He was awarded the Best Australian Bred in Show, Dog Challenge Certificate and Best in Breed as well as the Best Exhibit in Show.


 BTCV Judge Jamie Watkiss (WestBull Kennels WA)

Sutcliffe: Jacamar Dream Time (Delphinus Big Daddy Cool/Jacamar Miss Jackson) Walkaway he is most people’s dream of a BULL TERRIER" He is a combination of super virtue and a few faults. He has stunning strength of head and apart from being overweight, he is so powerful. Great head with depth of muzzle, mean little eye and nice ear placement. Mouth incorrect. Good depth of brisket but a bit short in upper arm which makes him loose at elbow. Great tailset and rear angulation with short hocks and strong muscling. Very tough class

 Bruce has proven himself to be an exellent sire passing on his type and his very positive virtues to his offspring from a number of different types of bitches. It is now evident also in his granchildren who possess many of his outstanding virtues.                                                                                                                                                   





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